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Passing the Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary test

Learning a language to a good standard is all about learning vocabulary, essentially the building blocks of language. This is why passing the Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary test is so important. The test is separated in to various levels which range from A-H. Each level contains units, each covering synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, idioms and jargon. In some cases you must complete the sentence and give the correct word. Synonyms means choosing a word that is similar in meaning while antonyms is the opposite - choosing the word that is different. To pass these tests you clearly need to have an understanding of all the words presented before you. The larger vocabulary you have built up then the easier it is to deduce which is the odd one out.

Using the vocabulary workshop answers

While vocabulary answers are available on the internet it must be stated that this is no substitute for learning to pass the test by your own merit. As the test happens each year it makes sense to build a good vocabulary in order to both improve your skills set and give you a good chance of passing the test the following year.

The use of vocabulary answers should be purely as a study tool in order to further learning of the English language. The answers should be seen as an aid and not a means to an end. As well as using your Sadlier Oxford text book try to use new words you have learned in everyday life. As with most things repetition is a key way of making something stick in your mind. Try to add a new word in conversation with somebody each and every day.

It is also true that many college graduates and people who go on to have a high degree of success both in education and the workforce scored highly in high school vocabulary tests. It is likely that a strong vocabulary is directly linked to success in life.

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Find out how to get the answers for the Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary test